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Lee Anna

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Guys. The Tamales. SO good. I'm from the south and always torture myself by ordering mexican here when it usually disappoints, but these do not. I get the chicken with green sauce, and I would put the green salsa that comes with it on everything I eat (although sometimes the green salsa doesn't come, and I'm very sad). I've also had some of their brunch items which are great, and if they had iced coffee, I would order brunch from there at least once a week because I'm such a big fan. I've also had their empanadas, which are very different from the empanadas I'm used to, but they're crunchy, and I love anything with crema and shredded lettuce! In conclusion, get the tamales and cross your fingers for the green sauce to come!


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The food was flavorful and filling and arrived 10 minutes ahead of schedule. I ordered a carnitas, a short rib and a pescado taco. The pescado taco was battered instead of grilled. My boyfriend got a beef tostada and it was delicious. The veggies were fresh and there was plenty of meat and cheese. He also got a Chimichanga which he thought was too small but I though looked excessive. And finally, the Horchata tastes like Applejacks milk, what could possibly be bad about that?


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By far the best of the Mexican restaurants in our area, and we have tried them all. Fresh, abundant, quick delivery. Not inexpensive -- though you get a lot. We order in for the office every day. Only the 20 somethings could finish the entire meal.


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The food here is fantastic. We happened by it when we were out walking for lunch one day and its become one of our regular stops. I've tried a variety of dishes and they have all been top notch!


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My nachos el pastor were amazing! even though they were cold. that was my fault for ordering too soon. they would have been phenomenal if I got there in time

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This is my new favorite taco spot!!! I have had the carne asada tacos, picadillo tacos, and chicken tinga tacos. The carne asada tacos are effing bomb, so flavorful. They are never dry at lunch but I do have to admit that whenever I order these tacos late at night, they are sometimes dried out. Honestly though, they have so much flavor even when slightly dry that I don't really care. Nothing a little salsa and guac can't fix. Which brings me to my next point. You MUST ask for a side of their red and green salsas and I suggest ordering a side of guac so you can load up your tacos (they don't put enough on, but side of guac is cheap). Their picadillo tacos are pretty great in my opinion and have ordered at least one of these every time. I personally didn't like their chicken tinga tacos, I thought they were too sweet and bland. Oh and have you seen the prices?! Thank you jaysus!! Finally a NY-Mexican restaurant with California-Mexican flavor and California-Mexican prices. I'm in heaven.


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Fantastic tamales, we love the pork mole version!!! And the carnitas quesadillas are also really delicious. We have always had great service from Molcajete, despite what some other reviewers said, we were told it would be 30-45 minutes and it came right on time after 40 minutes and the tamales were hot, wrapped in foil, we couldn't have asked for anything more. Too bad some negative people feel they have to tear things down all the time, we love this place and order from here often.


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This is some of the best mexican food in the city. The place has little charm and i guess from the reviews it takes them a bit to deliver. But the food in the restaurant and when I have delivered it is so delicious and authentic. No Chipotle style here. I am especially a fan of the tortilla soup. I just wish they would invest in some actual bowls. They serve the soup in a plastic take out container that feels like it is leaking pcps. But the food is so good who cares?


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My absolute favorite place to gab a bite to eat. It's fresh, authentic, delicious Mexican food available at a low price . There is a wide menu to choose from, my favorite items being sopes and tamales, which cost only $3.75 and $2.75-so you really can't get a better meal on the cheap. Additionally they've got great service, both quick and friendly with a cozy dine-in option and often sooner than estimated delivery. Five stars


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I got the burrito bowl with guacamole and free range chicken. The food is quite mild, but seems quite fresh and healthful, not full of grease. Even with all the spices added it's still not spicy, but I like that they offer free-range chicken and it tastes pretty good. It also arrived early both times and the delivery guy was friendly. :)

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